What are custom sublimated lacrosse Uniforms

A lot of people do not what custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms are, how these amazing team uniforms are made and why people should go for them over the other regular custom lacrosse team uniforms. Today we are going to tell you all about it and hopefully answer all your questions regarding custom sublimated team uniforms.
Sublimation is an amazing process that has transformed the way we create uniforms today. Sublimation creates durable, long-lasting prints that do not fade, peel or crack even after countless washes. Sublimation also gives you unlimited design and color options, which means that you can simply put on any type of artwork and use any color that you want.

How sublimation is done.
Sublimation is a process in which the dye is injected into the fabric using a very high temperature press that combines them altogether. The sublimation printer prints your desired design. Special paper and ink is used which the wide format printer takes in. Next the giant heat press turns the paper into liquid and sublimates your artwork into the fabric of your custom lacrosse team uniforms and voila, your sharp and amazing uniforms are ready.

Steps of Sublimation.

Step 1 – Creating the Artwork
Creating the right artwork is a crucial process and requires a lot of time and accuracy. The artwork is the design that will be sublimated on your custom lacrosse team uniforms and it makes or breaks the look of the uniform. Once the artwork of your liking is made, it is then converted to the digital product patterns.

Step 2 – Wide Format Printing
After your design is converted into the digital product patterns it is then printed on the actual pattern of your custom lacrosse team uniform using a special ink and a special paper.


Step 3 – Print Transformation
The special printed paper made in the pattern of your custom lacrosse team uniform then transfers the ink to the fabric by heat using the rotary press.


Step 4 – Laser Cutting
The print comes out in a wide roll in the pattern of your custom team lacrosse uniform. Laser cutting is then done to cut out the printed patterns accurately from the roll. Each piece is sorted and is inspected before being sent forward for sewing.


Step 5 – Stitching
After all the inspection is done after the laser cutting; your deconstructed uniforms are ready to be put together. The pieces are then sewn together and your custom lacrosse team uniforms sublimated with the design and artwork of your liking is created.


 Step 6 – Delivery
After the sewing is done and your uniforms are put together, one final inspection is done. When everything is cleared by the quality assurance team, your custom lacrosse team uniforms are then packed and are sent out to be delivered to you.



Why you should go for sublimation when creating custom team uniforms.

  1. Endless Possibilities (unlimited colors, patterns and design choices): With sublimation you can get absolutely any design color or pattern printed on your garment. You can go for a single color or a combination of countless colors, everything is possible with sublimation. Plus you don’t have to worry about your color bleeding or color fading as well.
  2. No Extra charges for addition of colors, patterns or designs: With sublimation you can simply print in multiple locations on absolutely any part of custom team uniform. You can really let your imagination run wild and create ANY design.
  3. Fast Production: Once the artwork is selected it doesn’t take a lot of time in producing full custom lacrosse team uniforms. The prints are done on the accurate pattern and are cut by a laser cutting machine. This makes the stitching process easy, fast and accurate.
  4. No add-on charges: Another thing that makes sublimation the bomb is that there aren’t any additional add-on charges. Once you’ve ordered your uniforms, you can easily add more uniforms without any setup fees (as your artwork, design and pattern would already be ready). This helps a lot in sports as teams have a lot of players leaving and joining and may require additional uniforms.
  5. Matching colors is easy: There are countless colors in the spectrum. A lot of printing methods have restrictions and limitations when it comes to a lot of colors. With sublimation there aren’t any. You can simply have any color in any shade printed easily. The best part is if you go for a repeat order or want the same color on another item, choosing it is very easy and the color will be a 100% match.

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