Tips to prevent hair loss

We all love summer, but can you lose hair during the summer season? Well, we must surely control this fear from the root to fight this common concern. The biggest move in managing hair fall is to keep your scalp clean. Hair loss is very normal in summer, but don’t panic each time you comb your hair when your brush takes off a few extra strands. This hair loss can be managed effectively and can be achieved by simply following these home remedies.

Oil Massage

Regular scalp massaging with lukewarm oil helps boost hair follicles. It is also an effective way to treat deterring hair growth, such as dandruff and fungal infections. Regular massage increases scalp blood circulation. This is also helpful for raising tension or fatigue, which is also the cause for hair thinning. Supported oils include coconut oil for 3-4 times-a-week massage routine. You should apply mustard oil to this. Keep the oil on with a mild shampoo for at least six hours before washing. Certain oils that can be combined with small quantities of coconut oil contain almond oil.


Wheatgrass juice is one of the most popular hair-fallen remedies. It is known to decrease hair shedding tendency within a few weeks of regular intake. Aloe juice has a similar effect. Aloe gel can also be applied to the scalp. It avoids hair loss due to irritated, dry or sick scalp. During aloe gel massages, wash the hair with lukewarm water. It can be done twice, weekly.

Fine pastes

You should wash your hair with Neem’s paste. This is especially effective for hair loss due to excessive build-up of skin infections or scalp oil. You should follow this by brushing the hair by apple cider vinegar to maintain the scalp’s alkaline equilibrium and avoid hair drops. Other homemade pastes that can be very useful include a mixture of honey and olive oil added to some powder of cinnamon (dalchini).

Dietary references

The advantages of a healthy meal are so important when it comes to health, skin care or even hair care that it is practically necessary. A balanced diet is important to hair growth. Nuts like almonds and walnuts improve hair production. Eating green leafy vegetables helps grow thicker follicle hair and control summer hair drops. To keep hair clean, eating Salmon, Yellow peppers, Oysters, Eggs, Avocados, Walnuts, Almonds and Sweet Potatoes are a must. These food ingredients help you grow hair. Dairy foods are also a fantastic source of vitamin B7 that prevents hair loss. You will adopt a diet plan closely to avoid hair fall and adhere to nutritious foods that help you nourish and sustain your hair production.

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