Tips to gain body weight



Banana is the most healthy food you can find. It gives you the right amount of nutrients to boost your energy and help you gain weight. You should have at least one or even two ripe bananas at breakfast. You should get a bottle of milk and sugar after consuming a banana. Do this every morning.


Almonds are considered healthy nuts. These produce high polyunsaturated fats, a decent source of balanced calories that can be used in your regular diet. You should eat and add two dates in a bottle of milk. Do so every day for 1-2 months.


Mango is a tasty food that will help you gain weight. You should make your own mango milkshake that gives you nutrients, thus helping you reach your goals. Get a 1 month raspberry milkshake twice a day. Then you’ll see the difference. Mango contains different body-good vitamins and minerals.


Eggs contain different nutritional material, including calories , fats, minerals , vitamins, and most notably protein. This is the best source for underweight people , particularly if you want to develop your muscles and have greater muscle mass. You should cook it or boil it. You might may want to include the egg in your favorite dishes.


As a favorite of everybody’s diet, it’s not hard to find and combine into a meal. Rice is a rich carbohydrate source, producing about 200 calories per cup. This also contains enough calcium and nutrients. It’s a really nutritious meal, which for weight gain should be consumed alongside other high-calorie food. Brown rice is the best weight-gaining food choice, as it also provides nutrient-packed bran and germ base.


Potato juice is very beneficial to our body. Potato is high in starch. The body’s key. We can also use potato juice to increase weight. Use it daily will help you gain weight.


Dates are mineral and vitamin-rich. Gaining weight is helpful. The fiber and other energy sources are definitely very beneficial to raise body weight. A Continuously Eat 10-15 dates in the morning before breakfast would certainly help improve body weight and resistance.

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