How to Getting an Education from Abroad ?

  1. Hard for a Middle-Class

Getting an education abroad has always been hard for a middle-class Indian student.

  1. Education from Abroad

However, with changing times getting an education from abroad has become easy and affordable for Indian students.

  1. Excellent Education Opportunities

Countries like Kazakhstan are offering some excellent education opportunities at feasible tuition and accommodation fee structures.

  1. Medical Graduate from Abroad

The students and because of that many students are able to fulfill their dream of becoming a medical graduate by studying from abroad.

  1. Most Popular Courses

One of the most popular courses in Kazakhstan for international students is their medical course.

  1. Provided Successful Education

The country has provided successful education to many international students.

  1. Excellent Choice to Study

Without worrying about the budget it has become an excellent choice to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  1. Recognized and Admired Worldwide

The advantage of studying in Kazakhstan for a student is that the universities are recognized and admired worldwide.

  1. Degree Received from Kazakhstan

Because of the value of the degree received from the universities of Kazakhstan would always yield high value and recognition.

  1. Great Options in Kazakhstan

For Indian students, Kazakhstan has some great options for universities to choose from and the students can always select a university like Al Farabi Kazakh National University as per their choice.

  1. Well-Experienced Faculties

All the universities of Kazakhstan have their own merits, some have excellent and well-experienced faculties while the others have low tuition fees and many others.

  1. MCI Approved Universities

The main and important point is that the universities are the MCI (Medical Council of India) approved which allows the Indian students to apply for appearing in MCI (Medical Council of India) screening tests after their graduation.

  1. Practice Degree in Home Country

If they clear it they are eligible to practice their medical degree received from any Kazakhstan medical University in India.

  1. Good Options and Opportunities

There may be many medical universities around the world that have good options and opportunities for the students but very few countries have such excellent features in their medical universities.

  1. Holds Immense Value

The degree of the universities of Kazakhstan holds immense value in the world.

  1. Very Affordable and Low Fees

When it comes to the cost factor, the universities of Kazakhstan charge very affordable and low fees from the students.

  1. Most Affordable Country

In fact, it is amongst one of the most affordable countries in the world for the students who want to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  1. Great Infrastructure Facilities

The universities have infrastructure facilities matching international standards and they are able to produce some of the best doctors in the world to date.

  1. Training and Seminars

The students are encouraged by the universities to take part in many pieces of training and seminars.

  1. Ever-Changing World

So that they can always learn and get updated about the ever-changing world and the latest needs and development in the field of medicine.

  1. Clear the Proficiency Tests

To study MBBS in abroad many countries ask the students to clear the proficiency tests such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), but not Kazakhstan.

  1. Easily Find Low-Cost Rooms

The accommodation facilities in the country are also very good and the students can easily find low-cost rooms and apartments near the universities if they do not want to stay in hostels.

  1. Duration of the MBBS Course

The duration of the MBBS course in Kazakhstan is for 6 years which is including 1 year of internship.

  1. Safest Countries in the World

Safety-wise the students can feel safe as it is one of the safest countries in the world.

  1. Kazakhstan Is Secured and Safe

Even the hostels of the universities of Kazakhstan are secured and safe for the students by wardens appointed.

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