Homecare tips to keep your skin glowing

Raw Milk

Raw milk can do wonders for your face. Throughout the day, our face gets exposed to dust and pollution which results in dead skin. Before sleeping, apply some raw milk on your face. This will remove all the dead skin and will give a shiny glow to your face.

Aloe Vera Gel

We all know aloe vera has so many magical benefits. From increasing your fairness to removing acne spots from your face, aloe vera can do wonders to your face. Apply aloe vera gel to your face before going to your bed and wake up with a soft and shiny skin

Rose Water

Rose water is a proven thing that can make your skin soft as a cotton ball. Make a habit of sprinkling rose water on your face before going to bed and you’ll wake up every morning with soft skin

Potato Juice

Potato just doesn’t make you taste buds feel good but it can work wonders for your skin. Before retiring to bed, apply potato juice on your face to get a fair skin. This will also remove dark circles under your eye and give a glow on your skin.

Coconut Oil

To get a younger looking skin, you should massage coconut oil on your skin before going to sleep. It removes all the wrinkles by toning your skin and gives a glow to your face.


Honey with lemon just not helps you in losing weight but it also makes you face spotless. Add some lemon drops in honey and apply it to your skin before going to bed. It will remove all the acne spots and gives you a fairer skin.

Green Tea

You have been drinking green tea to increase your metabolism and lose weight but it has many more benefits too. Apply some green tea on your face with the help of cotton before sleeping and you will wake up with an amazing glow on your face.

Gram flour

Blackheads are the common problems that we all face but applying a paste of gram flour (besan) and curd on your face before sleeping will help you in getting rid of it.

Cucumber Juice

Mix few drops of lemon juice in cucumber juice and apply it on your face before sleeping. It will help in removing wrinkles and will make your skin soft. 

Olive Oil

Massaging olive oil on the skin before going to sleep will make it soft. Be gentle while massaging as it can make your skin loose.

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