Hacks for Fridge Cleaning: Healthy Living

The main feature of the fridge is to keep food fresh for a long time and prevents food from getting rotten. Home owner’s responsibility does not end with buying a fridge. To maintain the cleanliness of the fridge is an important obligation of every homemaker.  Here are some hacks for fridge cleaning for healthy living or still you where facing any problem hire a fridge repair in kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and etc.

Some people do not bother to clean the fridge regularly and because of this fridge cannot work efficiently. It’s not healthy to use the fridge to preserve food hygiene. Spilling milk, sauces, jams and vegetables in the fridge led to the growth of fungi and bacteria. It can also negatively affect your health like food poisoning, digestive problems, etc. it is necessary to clean the fridge regularly.

In this article I will cover up to two main issues as follows:

  • Fridge Cleaning Tips
  • How to keep fridge clean for Long Time

Best Tips for Fridge Net

  1. Empty Fridge
  2. Soak Trays and Baskets
  3. Get Cleaned
  4. Use a sponge and Soft Cloth
  5. Re-placed Item

Empty Fridge

In order to clean the fridge first, you need to remove all articles from the fridge. Before the fridge is empty do not forget to turn off the board. If there are items that have been stored in the freezer and then remove it as well. And storing all of the articles removed in a safer place. And put a lid on top of the item that is not infected. Covering an area on the fridge with a kitchen towel. So you can prevent unwanted stains.

Soak Trays and Baskets

For easy and quick cleaning of trays and baskets to soak in soapy water for 15 minutes. You can of cider vinegar with water as well. This will remove all the stains out of them and really disinfect it. After 15 minutes of soaking, rinse with cold water and dried with a cotton cloth.

Get Cleaned

To clean the interior of the fridge you can use any cleaning agents such as Colin, bicarbonate. And you can use even a mixture of vinegar and warm water. By using a cotton cloth to clean the entire area of ​​the fridge. Such as edges, corners, walls and fridge door. Remove any stains and make your fridge shiny. To use a small makeup brush angle. Do not use metal objects or stiff scrub to clean the fridge.

Use a sponge and Soft Cloth

To dry the fridge shelf after cleaning agents using soft cloth or sponge. This will not leave scratches on the board. Do not use paper or kitchen clothing.

Re-placed Item

After making sure that each and everything has been cleaned and then returned to put the item back to the fridge. Place the trays and baskets with caution. And remember to leave the door open for some time so it gets dry.

Perform an ordinary fridge for living a healthy lifestyle. We recommend that you should clean the fridge once a week.

Hacks to Keep the Fridge Clean To Keep It for Long Time

  • After cleaning the fridge is important to maintain it for a long time. So there are several hacks that help you to keep your fridge hygienic.
  • To avoid a plate of stain you can place kitchen cloth. And put a cloth under the basket as well. So it does not put any streaks or layers. You can use the films cling too. This will keep the surface clean and neat even if a bit spilled. And perform periodic replacement. This will save you time cleaning.
  • You might have noticed that when we take something out of our fridge fridge a few drop something get in containers. So remember every time you keep them again in the fridge drip and dry kitchen towel. So do not make a mess on the tray. And it reduces the prospect of slipping out of the things.
  • Always keep the remaining foods in a glass container in the fridge so you do not forget to use them and helping to oversee them very effortlessly. You can place a sticker also if you do not have a glass container to keep in your fridge.
  • To set the fridge odors, you can use the coffee packets. This will keep your fridge free of the stink.
  • In the summer we require a bottle for water again. So you can metal bulldog clip to set the bottle in an organized way in the fridge.
  • This happens with everyone we lost a couple of bottles of something for the expiration date and we forget to utilize it. To evade wastage of foodstuff that you can use a smart fridge triage boxes and put stickers on top of that “eat me first” it will save on foodstuff. This is a huge way to put a reminder on the fridge.
  • You can use absorbent liners to maintain the vegetables in fresh and excellent condition. It prevents the fruits and vegetables from damage and pampering. It also helps your fridge to stay clean.
  • To organize your fridge shelf using a six-pack container. This will prevent you from getting the fridge mess and keep your fridges clean and good functioning for long periods of time. Label the shelves of your fridge. This will save you time. As you will be able to keep those stuffs you want from it. And it makes you more beautiful fridge and organized.
  • Be smart to store food items in your fridge. Using an organized structure to keep items in the fridge.
  • Avoid powder detergents to clean the fridge.
  • If you do not use the ship then cleaning items spillage immediately. This will reduce your manual labor in the process of deep cleaning of the fridge.
  • Do not store items of hot food in the fridge. Such as putting unnecessary damage on the power supply and also affects the functioning efficiency of the appliances.

Most Recommended Tips: To make your fridge free of bacteria or viruses make purchases shelf life of the ship. This will prevent you from getting the fridge too messy. You only need to cover the shelves of your fridge with this poly and change it regularly.

Therefore, here are some quick and easy cleaning fridge hacks. I hope you have to add this to your list of to-do and keep your fridge clean and healthy. For the fridge repair in pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and etc.  And installation services manage with your trusted friends All Electric Care anytime & anywhere.

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