Dalgona Coffee – Trending Recipe During Quarantine (Covid-19)

The planet is under lockdown house arrest. All the job goes on at home. Just like many people are bored after being unable to get out of the door, after a long time, many people develop their imagination. Some drawings, some singing, some composing poems. But everybody, from celebrities to the public, spends more time in the kitchen. Including tidying up the house, the range of cooking amazes us. Who’s never made a cup of tea, makes all the boring plates. And it’s shared on social media. Quarantine cooking is now social media’s most common. But suddenly, Dalgona coffee hit the lockdown. Ordinary coffee has a new artistic feel.

What’s Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona coffee is foamy, made with instant coffee powder, sugar, and boiling tea. This dish is the new trend on social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Dalgona Coffee is Google’s trendiest type of coffee. People overtaking this coffee at the highest peaks of interest during this Quarantine and calling it ‘Quarantine coffee.’ Staying at home making Dalgona Coffee videos is the most common homemade dish during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How is this Dalgona Coffee so excited? What’s behind the Secret?

So simple and eye-catching dishes go viral instantly, so it’s natural for this recipe. This tasty coffee requires fewer ingredients. Now let’s learn the Dalgona Coffee ‘s history:

This coffee originates on the Indian continent. Historians say. Popular this coffee in India and Pakistan. But not Delgona ‘s name. It was then named Pheti hui Coffee. Because it’s said like whipped foam. Yet now it’s much longer.

The South Korean term ‘Dalgona’ is known. Locally, a form of sponge toffee is called ‘Dalgona.’ That toffee is known throughout the world as ‘Honeycomb Toffee.’ After biting this toffee, the inside looks like a beehive.

The method of making this coffee is debated by South Korean YouTube and Tiktok netizens. And online it spread like wildfire.

Who created Dalgona Coffee?

The country’s most famous actor, Jung Il-woo, went to Macau, China-controlled area. He feels like having a drink there, like his own country’s Dalgona toffee.

Jung Il-Woo shared this experience on Macau ‘s home TV show. Afterward, Dalgona coffee trend started spreading. It became a problem during coronavirus. From stars to ordinary people, this coffee is made and posted on social media.

Not all Dalgona coffee, however, contains Dalgona ingredients. South Korea’s Honeycomb Toffee Candy is the only authentic Dalgona coffee.

Where to coffee Dalgona?

Dalgona coffee is the most popular viral recipe first appeared on Tiktok’s social network. Homemade this delicious and tasty recipe is so simple. Let’s start this recipe with fun:

Recipe ingredients:

  • Instant coffee powder 2 spoons
  • Hot water- 2 tablespoons
  • Sugar- 5 spoons
  • Hot 2-cup milk
  • Ice bath.

Instructions for this recipe:

Step 1:

Mix sugar, hot tea, and coffee in a mug. Electric beater or hand beater is easier. If you do it with a spoon, it takes time. Shaking it very well will make foam. It’ll take up to 5 minutes.

Step 2:

Now put ice cubes in the cup. Spread foam over. Coffee powder, chocolate garnish. You may offer choco or chocolate biscuit bits. Prepare your Dalgona coffee.

Step 3:

Now you can serve this delicious drink. Until using milk, take with firewood.

Remember, if you add more sugar, you need more coffee and milk.

Dalgona Coffee Taste:

Some of this recipe’s creators at home claim the drink has a good coffee taste that isn’t bad for coffee lovers. If anyone doesn’t want a bitter drink, they can add sugar for overpowering. It looks pretty and tastes delicious when separated with the whip on top and when mixed, it gets both bitter and creamy flavor.

Is Dalgona overhyped?

Where this coffee is booming on social media and becoming the biggest online phenomenon, this drink is often criticized for being overhyped. Most experienced home chefs ask this question, is this Dalgona question very delicious or overhyped? Let’s see the results of the online survey to know the truth.

Forty percent of netizens think this drink is completely overhyped, thirty percent of netizens claim it’s worth drinking, and fifteen percent like they don’t want to try it, while the other fifteen percent won’t talk about it.

So now, why is it becoming so popular? According to experts during lockout time, people have so much else to do and the influence of visual effects quickly draws people and enjoys camera tactics. Curious people want to know anything modern and fashionable. It’s behind this drink ‘s success.

How much time to prepare?

Making this whipped coffee is so simple, it’s part of instant coffee crystals. The sugar analysis makes this much stronger and quicker. Dalgona coffee isn’t possible with coffee beans. When it is famous, it has become a menu in many coffee shops in South Korea. You don’t need so many times to prepare this recipe, you just need at least 10 minutes.

Want to make unmixed Dalgona coffee?

Here are some simple ways to make this coffee without a mixer, giving you great whipped texture. You need more time for this.

Spoon use:

If you have no electric mixer, you can mix coffee with a fork or spoon. Preparing takes longer, so you get decent results.

Using whiskey:

Lots of Dalgona coffee making videos on social media demonstrate use whisks to blend the ingredients. It may be longer than an electric mixer, but you’ll get a good result.

Shake it:

If you need imaginative output, shake instead of a whip. Using plastic bags to shake this coffee’s ingredients. It gives better results. You should use a water bottle

Use frother milk:

Electric milk frother gives you good results, and it’s an electric mixer’s mini version. But it may be a bit hard for you.

Conclusion of the following:

Experimenting with new recipes is very interesting. Making creative and easy dish will encourage us to show the world our creativity.

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